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Intensive outpatient therapy and addiction treatment near Palm Springs, CA.

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We have top-rated facilities located across the country offering the level of care that you or a loved one needs, whether it be detox, residential, PHP, IOP, or outpatient.

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About Desert View Recovery

Desert View Recovery is an outpatient addiction treatment facility near Palm Springs, CA that is committed to providing versatile and effective treatment options to those who are caught in the grips of substance abuse. We break free from the standard cookie-cutter approach to treatment and understand that each person’s struggle with addiction is different. At Desert View, you’re more than just a number—you’re family.

We make use of evidence-based practices to provide an individualized recovery experience that is tailored to your unique situation, needs, and goals. From start to finish, we’ll work with you every step of the way to help you get the most out of your treatment experience.

Nestled near the lively city of Palm Springs, we take full advantage of our convenient location when we reach out to our local community and design our programs. We have a full staff of clinicians that are local, educated and experienced in addiction treatment practices. They are dedicated professionals who are there with you through every step of the recovery journey.

Summary: Check out our outpatient addiction treatment facility near Palm Springs, CA.

Making The Delphi Difference

We are a proud member of the Delphi Behavioral Health Group nationwide family of quality addiction treatment facilities. Through this robust network spanning 16 facilities across five states, we can offer treatment in Palm Springs as well as in other destination locations around the country. This also allows us to provide the full continuum of care from a medically supervised detox to our alumni services.

At Desert View, we utilize the Delphi Difference to create a meaningful and effective treatment experience for everyone who walks through our doors. This means that we maintain a low client-to-staff ratio so that each person gets the attention and care they need. We employ a client-first approach that gives us the freedom to prioritize your recovery in everything we do.

We also understand the value of focusing on clinical treatment as the key to lasting sobriety. Identifying and addressing the emotions, behaviors, and thoughts that trigger addiction is vital to avoiding relapse down the road. With our help, the more time and effort that you invest in your recovery, the more successful you will be in the long run. Let us guide you through this transition and help you start living a life free from substance abuse.